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General Conference April 2013

So Conference is always something that I REALLY look forward to. I use to hate it as a little kid, but now that I am older I love it! Some of my favorite talks were:

1. Sister Dalton
2. Elder L. Whitney Clayton
3. Elder Jeffrey R. Holland (always)

Normally, I would make several prints of my favorite sayings, as reminders in our home. This month I have started a new job, which makes time limited. I did however make one! I have been asked several times where people can buy this print. Honestly, you can just have it for free! I hope you enjoy :)

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our new puppy

After almost a year of begging, we got a puppy! Her name is Harley, and we are just SO in love with her! She's a Weimaraner. No one ever knows what that is. Basically they are german dogs that are somewhat similar to labs and german pointers. They didn't come into the US til sometime in the 60's. So they are a pretty new breed around these parts. I did a lot of research on these type of dogs, before we made our wise purchase. She's seriously so beautiful and makes me so happy. Logan is on the SUU football team now, which means he is gone A LOT. My brother and best friends Brit and Kens are on missions now so I am glad I have my little pup to keep me company during long work days from home! The first few nights were a little rough just because she was sad to leave her home. We anticipated that, so it really wasn't a big deal. After about a week though she started sleeping through the night! She was potty-trained in five days! Seriously, these type of dogs are SO smart! She is so in love with Logan. Whenever she hears the garage start to open her little numb of a tail wags like crazy! Last night we gave her a bath. It was hilarious, she was LOVING it. We also filed her nails which she did not enjoy so much. . . Basically I am obsessed with her! She's already gained like ten pounds since we have had her, but we still just love the heck out of her! Isn't she the cutest!?

(some instagrams of this little bundle of joy)

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A 2012 Review - For Posterity's Sake

January: I thought I wanted to be an advertising major at BYU, when really all I wanted was to become his wife. I got a new job for a really cool publishing company called Northridge Publishing. Where I now design two of their magazines. January is just always really lame.

February: My dreams came true and we were engaged on February 4, 2012. You can watch our engagement video here. I look so young!! My poor mom also had several surgeries and is still recovering. We celebrated our first Valentine's Day together, where I made him dinner and he bought me pretty flowers and my favorite candy. We went dress shopping, and I found my dream dress.


March: I turned 20. Got extensions, (which I really want to do a post about how they have changed my life) and we set a date for our wedding! Kole got his Eagle Scout award, and won an award in a National Art show for his Ceramic teapot.

April: I'm beginning to realize that our year was basically just full of being engaged,  sappy love stuff. We got our engagements in April though, and I'm kind of obsessed with them. We also went to General Conference with Logan's family. It was a beautiful day, and this picture of his family is one of my favorites. We also saw the new City Creek center in Salt Lake. Amazing! Finals week was hectic, and sadly my last at BYU. My roommates and I grew quite the collection of Sonic drinks. Man I miss that place. Route 44 Dr. Pepper with extra ice please!

May: We got our bridals done and were frantically preparing for our wedding just a month a way. We were also homeless for like two weeks, which was really interesting. Kole graduated from high school and seminary. We took a trip to the cabin with my family, and Logan's family. It was his very first time there, and we carved our names in a tree! 

June: (my favorite month) Kole won the offensive MVP at his 3A all-star game. I went through the temple for the first time.We were married on June 9th, 2012 in the St. George temple. It was a perfect morning! I was sick for our reception and missed most of the line. We laugh about that now. We left for our honeymoon to Zion, Utah and had a really fun relaxing week. We then decided to move to Cedar City two weeks after we were married, and moved into our cute little town home that we love. We also took a trip to California for a friends wedding, and went to Disneyland - Just the two of us! So fun!

July: We registered to be student's at SUU. Celebrated our first 4th of July with both of our families. Ventured to California again to spend a week in a Newport Beach house with the Obering's. Kole came along with us. A week later we went with my family to Colorado to visit my aunt. We went to the Denver temple, Estes Park, and a Rockies game. We bought our first car together, and I took Logan to the Ocean in St. George for the first time. 

August: We started our first semester at SUU. Kole got his wisdom teeth out. Football season started at CHS, and we attended a lot of football games of Logan's brothers. 

September: We hiked Calf Creek with my family. I visited Andie when she was the lunch lady. Our wedding was featured on Utah Bride blog. Logan left me a cute note and my favorite candy bar when I was having a bad day.

October: Kole got his call to serve in Kamapala, Uganda! We picked pumpkins at a pumpkin patch, and fell in love with the leaves on Cedar Mountain. We went through the temple with Kole.  My friend Jessica invited us to go horse back riding, and Logan became obsessed! We carved pumpkins with my family. We dressed up as Thor and Wonder Woman for Halloween.

November: Brittany and I threw Bryn a bridal shower. I voted, and then cried when Mitt lost. Bryn got married! Logan turned 23. We got our first Christmas tree on Thanksgiving Day with Kole on Cedar Mountain. We went to Dumont Dunes, California with Logan's family. I was hired to design the Cricut magazine. 

December: We decked our halls! Christmas is my favorite holiday after all. We had a lot of fun with Andie's Elf on the Shelf Clyde. We celebrated six months of marriage. Brittany got her call to Portugal! It snowed and snowed and snowed, so I made a video about it. My dad dressed up for an ugly sweater party. And FINALLY shaved his beard after the party. The holidays were purely magical and wonderful as our first year together. Logan, Santa, and my grandma spoiled me rotten, and we soaked up our last Christmas with Kole for two years. 

And last but not least, my favorite images of 2012!